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Sarasota Showroom

Located at Dolphin Aviation at the Sarasota/Bradenton International Airport, IAMS offers storage to all of its exclusively listed clients. This in turn allows us to keep the Aircrafts safe and clean, and easily facilitate showings without any distractions. With 5-6 Buyers visiting our facility every week, we offer premier service by shuttling Buyers to and from our facility with one of our own aircraft.

More buyers are produced from Florida than most other states and Florida is the gateway for South American Buyer traffic.
Our premier showroom allows us to capitalize on these Buyers and sell Aircrafts quickly and at retail price.

Primary Offices located at the KSRQ Airport inside of the Dolphin Aviation FBO
8191 N. Tamiami Trail, Suite 175
Sarasota, Florida 34243

941 355 5353
941 827 2909

Airplanes for Sale - Buy & Sell New and Used Aircraft | International Aircraft
Airplanes for Sale - Buy & Sell New and Used Aircraft | International Aircraft
Airplanes for Sale - Buy & Sell New and Used Aircraft | International Aircraft


Storage & Oversight

International Aircraft Marketing & Sales offers storage for our exclusively listed Aircraft here in Sarasota, Florida. The Relocation of your Aircraft will be properly handled by one of our numerous crew members or contract pilots. All of our locally based Aircraft are cared after and are always ready for showings to potential Buyers. Each showing is handled by a seasoned agent or owner of the company. The unnecessary expenses and planning are handled by International Aircraft Marketing & Sales throughout the term of the sale process.

International Aircraft Marketing & Sales (IAMS) offers extensive detailing services to each of our locally based clients. These services are extended at no charge to any of our clients looking to relocate their Aircraft to our Sarasota, Florida offices and showroom. Each of IAMS’ Aircraft is kept in a show-ready condition. Daily IAMS’ Aircrafts are cared after with our in-house Aircraft Detailing crew that handles every aspect of an Aircraft consisting of: Washing, Drying, Polishing, Leading & Heated Edge Bright Work, Spinners, Polishes De-Ice boots, Steam Cleans Carpets, Leather Treatment, Vinyl and Fabric Treatment and all Glass care. IAMS has dozens of Professional Type rated Contract Pilots to assist with the relocation of IAMS’ exclusively listed Aircraft. This is imperative when it comes to the relocation flights, demonstration flights, and delivery flights that are needed on a weekly basis at IAMS.

IAMS works directly with onsite and offsite Aviation Vendors that provide IAMS deep Dealer Discounts for any Airframe or Engine Maintenance, Interior Refurbishments, Paint Repair or Replacement, Hangar Storage, Insurance Motion & Non-Motion, and any other services that are necessary for Aircraft Operations or Sales.


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